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1-Hour of your time.
1-Month of content.

No time to create content? 

1-hour with us and we will create a month’s worth of content for your business. 

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You know you should be creating content.

 Now All You Need Is 1-Hour And It's Done.

1 Hour Content - Time

Time is the #1 reason you don't create content. We get it that's why we created 1hourcontent.com.

We have worked with 100s of business founders and leaders. They all know that they should be creating content. But the business of business gets in the way. 

There’s product, sales, operations, support, recruitment, and strategy to worry about. Who has time to sit down at their desk to then create content each week?

By booking a recording with 1HourContent you know that each month your content is taken care of. Now you can spend time working on your business. 

Your content in 1-hour. Here’s how it works:

We just need just 1-hour of your time to create video, graphics and blogs.


We jump on a recorded call to ask you questions about you, your business, products and customers.


We edit the recording into optimised social videos, quote graphics and blogs.


You can then schedule your content for delivery over the next month.


No more worrying about content creation.

What deliverables will you get? 

1 Hour Content - Deliverables

Focus on your business.
Let us worry about your content. 

We love businesses. We want you to be successful. But we see so many business owners paralyzed into inaction when it comes to their marketing. 

This happens to everyone, call it writers block or white canvas syndrome. The point with marketing is to get your ideal clients attention. And to do that you need to be creating consistent content that is personable and speaks to your audience. 

By recording our conversations we will be able to produce content that is conversational and pitched at just the right level to engineer interaction with potential clients. 

A month's worth of content made up of video, quote graphics and blogs will ensure that you are top of mind with your audience. So when that critical buying decision needs to be made you are their first choice. 

1 Hour Content - Happy Clients

Our Community Loves Creating Content With Us... 

James Johnson, Founder of

Ellen Mukwewa, Founder & Consultant
at Marell Consulting Ltd

Matthijs de Vries, Founder & CTO
at AllianceBlock

Use our 3Rs Content Strategy:


Talk with one of our team.


Receive video, graphics and blogs.


Your content is done.

How Do The Recordings Work?

You want to maximise your time on the recording for your content. 

Our clients love our recording session and actually look forward to them. We'll ask you questions that we would want to hear from your customers. These questions will be tailored specifically to your business. 

We recommend keeping an ear out for questions that your current and potential clients ask you. Creating content around your customers is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. Having opinions on current events in your industry is also a sure fire way to build you and your business's brand. 

We love exploring the history of you and your business as well. Stories are a fantastic way to show customers what you and your business are all about. It doesn't matter if you are B2C or B2B people buy from people they trust. 

1 Hour Content - Ideas
1 hour Content - You

Our recorded calls are all about you, not us. We want to know what you're trying to build and what you're trying to accomplish. We want to know what your goals are, what you're trying to achieve, what your challenges are, and what your unique selling proposition is.

 We've got a team that works together to build optimised social videos, quote graphics and blogs for our clients. We'll edit the recording into optimised social videos, quote graphics and blogs. 

The better your customer understands your product or service the more likely they are to buy it.  

Social videos are a great way to share your company story and build brand awareness. Social video is also a great way to engage with your audience and build brand awareness. 

When you record a social video, we edit it into optimised social videos that are ready to share on your social media channels. 

You can then schedule your content for delivery over the next month. You can then select specific days or times to deliver your content

1 Hour Content - Schedule

Sharing your story On Video will make your brand stand out in your sector

Creating video content has a host of benefits...

Get ahead of your marketing efforts
Create authentic content that talks to your ideal customers
Document your journey as a business
Create timely content that reacts to trends in your sector
Show your ideal client what working with your business feels like before they even pick up the phone
Build momentum in your business
Deliver your message in a way that inspires your clients and your team
Create content that encourages your network to reach out to work with you
Celebrate your wins to boost morale
Build a brand that makes people want to work with you

Say "Hello" to the 1HourContent Community...

Join our other clients and start your content creation today in just 1-hour.

Create authentic Content with a trusted partner

Content that speaks to your ideal customer...

There's something very special about talking to someone 1 on 1 to create content. It helps to create a conversational tone throughout your content. 

Social media marketing is all about telling your story in the most engaging way possible and the best way to do that is to use social media. And social video is the most engaging content.  

1 Hour Content - Conversation
1 Hour Content - No Contracts

We want you to love the work that we produce together. So there are no contracts. Ever.

Just book your time
Record your conversation
Wait for your content
(We'll go as fast as we can)
Schedule its release and relax

We edit the recording into optimised social videos, quote graphics and blogs. We also add captions to the videos meaning your audience will be able to read what you are saying wherever they are. 

If you want to build an audience and grow your blog, then you need to create content that is easy to consume. You're more likely to reach your ideal clients and increase the amount of people who are interested in your product or service.

1 Hour Content - Success

Our Pricing Plans

All prices exclusive of VAT.

Basic Package


Guided Content Creation Interview
1 Branded Social Optimised 60s Video
4 Branded Graphic Quotes
1 Professionally Written Blog


Pro Package


Guided Content Creation Interview
4 Branded Social Optimised 60s Videos
4 Branded Graphic Quotes
Professionally Written Blog

XL Package


Guided Content Creation Interview
4 Branded Social Optimised 60s Videos
4 Branded Graphic Quotes
4 Professionally Written Blogs
Branded Optimised YouTube Videos

Plus So Much More

+ 4 Mini-e-book PDFs
+ 4 Mini Platform Posts
+ 4 Animated Quote Videos
+ Optimised, scheduled and delivered to the platform of your choice

Prices shown are EX-VAT
Any additional deliverable charged independently


No Contract Guarantee

You don't want to be tied into long contracts - neither do we. We want you to be delighted to come back for more each month. 

So no long contracts ever!

See what Other Content Marketing  Experts are Saying About This Service

“Love the concept behind 1 Hour Content. Right now it’s a struggle to get posts up regularly, which means timelines slip and we just never get out the content we know we need to be putting in front of our ideal prospects. 1 Hour Content systemizes that in a way that means I don’t have to think about it, it just HAPPENS.”

Travis Ketchum

Campaign Refinery

"I talk to a lot of business owners, and they just don’t have a personal and effective way to follow up with their leads and clients, and the most common reason I hear is that they just don't have the time to create the content required to do this consistently. I tell people to talk to Chris and James. They have by far the simplest and most pain-free way I've seen to create a month's worth of content in just ONE hour of your time. You can then use this content in all of your marketing, social media and even add it to an automated follow up process so you never let another expensive lead fall through the cracks again. Total no brainer!"

Adam King

The B2B Growth Think Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t know what to talk about for my content? 

This is where we come in. Most of our clients know they should be creating content but don’t know what to talk about. We will ask you questions designed to create content. We love learning so will explore all the areas that a prospective client might want to know about. Remember you are the expert so we just need to distil your message into educational nuggets, stories and insights that will create interest in you and your brand. 

What if I don’t have any professional equipment? 

This is fine - everyone is now used to raw in-the-moment content. Your potential clients will be more interested in seeing your face and hearing from you rather than a perfect 4K produced video. If the content takes off then later on we can always explore professional content if its the best way to go. But for now let's start the ball rolling an

What do I need to do to prepare? 

We will coach you through the best set up for the recording. And for content its just a conversation. Overthinking initial content can detract from your authentic message. As we ask you more questions we can then explore areas that are important to your audience, and sector. The great thing is as we have done 100’s of these we know the questions to ask you to create the most engaging content. If there is ever a specific area that you want to explore we can even help with how you talk about it to ensure that you can get your expertise and knowledge across. 

How do I use the 1-Hour Content that’s created? 

Once the content has been shared with you you can then schedule that to go out at regular intervals through the month. All you need to do is add your own commentary to each piece to put it into context. We always try to record at least 2 weeks ahead to give you plenty of opportunity to plan the release schedule. If you are not sure how or when to do this we can coach you through this process as well. 

How do I record the content?

We simply hit the record button on our side of the connection. We will take care of all the editing and repurposing you just have a conversation and then you can relax. 

Can you record content with other people in my business?

Yes! Creating content with as many people in your business is a great way of showing what your business is all about. This helps with improving your brand awareness for recruitment, PR and retaining and winning clients. 

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Book Your First Recording Now

Simply complete the payment process below, and you will be redirected to book in your first recording at a time that suits you. We can't wait to get started. 

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Book Your First Recording Now

Simply complete the payment process below, and you will be redirected to book in your first recording at a time that suits you. We can't wait to get started. 

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